0.2 Mpa To 1 Mpa High Pressure Inflation Pipe Plug,Used For Pipeline Repair And Air Bag Variable Diameter Expansion Pipe Plug

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The pipeline repair airbag can be used to repair the pipeline defects near the manhole inlet in municipal pipelines, and can also be used in other pipeline repair processes. The air bag can be used to repair cracks and leakage joints, or to plug misplaced, root invading and corroded pipes. Generally, municipal sewage pipes with diameters between 200mm and 1200mm can be repaired by this technology. The main body of the repair airbag is made of special rubber to ensure its due flexibility, strength and durability; The metal part shall be made of corrosion-resistant materials to improve the service life of the equipment.

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The repair process is mainly selected according to the following factors:
⑴ The repair method is mainly selected according to the type and scope of damage; (2) Social impact of construction;
(3)Construction environmental factors; (4) Construction cycle factors; (5) Construction cost factors.

The trenchless repair construction technology has the characteristics of short construction time, no road excavation, no construction waste and no traffic jam, which reduces the project investment and has good social and economic benefits. This repair method is increasingly favored by the municipal pipe network authorities.
The trenchless repair process is mainly divided into local repair and overall repair. Local repair refers to fixed point repair of pipe segment defects, and overall repair refers to repair of long pipe segments.

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